Public advised to take extra security measures

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A SENIOR government official has called on the public to take extra security measures in light of the recent alleged rape cases which occurred in the Sultanate.

On September 8, a woman was found dead at Bukit Shahbandar.

Post-mortem results indicated she was strangled to death, and that signs of sexual assault were found on her body.

On Saturday, a foreign trainee teacher was allegedly raped at the Chung Hwa Primary School hostel in Tutong.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Datin Paduka Hjh Adina Othman yesterday told The Brunei Times these cases were very alarming and it was disappointing that these things were happening here.

Alhamdullilah so far, we have been blessed with having a very peaceful and safe country to live in. So cases like these are very tragic and very sad for me to hear,’’ she said.

Datin Hjh Adina said that if the public saw any suspicious characters, they should call the relevant authorities or 141, a 24-hour helpline.

She said women could be more prepared to defend themselves by even taking up martial arts classes.

She added that during the night time people should try to avoid going out alone especially to places where they could face attacks or violence.

The deputy minister stressed that each one should take charge of his own safety and that of their families.

“For us who have been blessed for so long, some of us tend to take for granted the safety and security that we are living in,’’ she said.

She said people need to be more careful from now on and take extra measures. “Wherever you go, try not to do it alone. Be together so there is more security ... people are less likely to attack you if you are together with another person,’’ she said.

Speaking on the two recent alleged rape cases, Datin Hjh Adina hoped for quick action from the relevant agencies to quickly bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes. “They should give top priority to finding them because this is not just about one of two persons’ cases.

It is about the security and the safe environment of the country. We are all living in this country, we have children, sisters, mothers and this is not just about women’s issues, but about people in general,’’ she said.

She said the ministry, through the Community Development Department (JAPEM), could provide counselling to the victims to help them deal with the emotional trauma. For the families of the bereaved, JAPEM can also help to provide counselling provided family members are keen to participate.

The Brunei Times