Helping hands bring smiles to family of boy with cerebral palsy

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FOUR-year-old Muhd Darwisyh Hamizan Juhar, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is now smiling after receiving further help from the group of 16 citizens who gave him a portable oxygen concentrator last month.

When The Brunei Times visited his residence in Kg Salambigar, Muhd Darwisyh Hamizan was seen soundly asleep with a new oxygen concentrator attached to him.

His parents, Juhar Hj Rahim and Hjh Fauziah Ibrahim said that after receiving the portable oxygen concentrator; it was found that the device did not support their son at first due to his weak condition.

Therefore, the group of citizens then gave them another oxygen concentrator for home use.

Juhar and Hjh Fauziah said that the oxygen concentrators had enabled them to take better care of their son, who is now able to express his feelings and smile. .

Juhar said that they still keep the oxygen cylinders, the ones they had before being given the oxygen concentrators just in case if something were to happen to their newer oxygen supplies.

Currently, Juhar said that as advised by the doctor, he and his wife are making an effort to make their son less dependent on the oxygen supplies so that he could return to breathing normally.

Juhar said that when his son first started using the oxygen concentrator, the child could only remain without an oxygen supply for around 10 to 15 minutes.

However, as weeks passed, Juhar said that his son’s strong will enabled him to breathe without the oxygen supply for at least half a day, with constant parental monitoring.

Juhar also said that the oxygen supply needs to be attached to his son whenever he is asleep, because during that time, his oxygen level will significantly drop without the oxygen supply.

Hjh Fauziah said that his son did not have to frequently go to the hospital now; he would go only if there are appointments to review his condition.

The family also received a customised wheelchair from the Humanitarian Emergency Aid Response Team (HEART) which would enable them to take Muhd Darwisyh Hamizan out for a walk conveniently.

Juhar and Hjh Fauziah expressed their thanks to the members of the public who prayed for the well-being of their son.

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