Wooden house in Kg Ayer collapses, none hurt

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A KAMPONG Ayer wooden stilt house in Kampung Pelambaian collapsed just after midnight yesterday but no injuries were recorded.

Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB) last night broadcast that the 15-year-old house owned by Dayang Besar lost its balance and rested on the shallow Brunei River.

House occupant Awang Mat Sidi said around 1am yesterday, he kept on hearing creaking sounds.

“The creaking sounds became more frequent and alarming, so I woke up my family and we immediately evacuated the house as fast as we could,” he said.

“Soon after that the house really did collapse but Alhamdulillah we managed to head out in time and none one of us suffered any serious injuries.”

The reason for the house’s collapse was uncertain as no reason was given.

–Abdul Azim Kassim

The Brunei Times