Tour guides get knowledge on birds

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THE Brunei Tourism Development Department is currently training local tour guides to upgrade their skills or knowledge to become bird experts.

Speaking to The Brunei Times yesterday, Acting Director of Tourism Development Department Mariani Hj Sabtu said that there are only a few bird enthusiasts in Brunei who are knowledgeable.

“There aren’t many around. Most of the existing tour guides cannot identify bird species on the spot. So this is an immediate project of the Tourism Development Department to collaborate with local experts and other parties to start training local tour guides.”

“It is a special skill required,” said Mariani. “The tour guides need to know the bird species, the scientific name, the location and how to get there.”

She added that to a certain extent, the tour guides should also be able to support and give advice in terms of photography.

“Expatriates have been bird watching for quite a long time and when they come to Brunei, the do it on their own. But in Brunei, it’s still new. We want to promote it,” said Race Director of Brunei Darussalam’s first Bird Race, Mohd Vol Hj Momin.

“We are also encouraging youths to join us because it is a good and healthy activity that also helps create awareness.”

Mohd Vol added that they also have future plans to identify and develop bird budding destinations in Brunei.

“We have identified a few after last year’s International Borneo Bird Race such as Kuala Belalong, Tasek Merimbun, Tasek Lama and even Kampong Ayer. Other potential places are in Labi and Lamunin.

“If we are able to create these destinations, it can help the villages as well, it will help promote the area as well as create employment opportunities. The villagers themselves can become tour guides,” he said.

Brunei currently has more than 50 tour guides, including those who are doing free lance.

Members of the public who are interested in becoming tour guides can contact Mohd Vol Hj Momin at +6738180299.

The Brunei Times