Rape victim, roommate return home

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THE government of the foreign trainee teacher who was allegedly raped and robbed at a Tutong school hostel will launch its own investigation into the incident.

In a telephone interview with The Brunei Times, the foreign government representative in the Sultanate said he would report the incident involving the trainee teacher and her roommate to his superior.

Depending on the outcome of the investigations, he said his government might take further action.

The representative, whose name is withheld to protect the victims’ identities, said the trainee teacher and roomate yesterday left Brunei for their home country.

He said the trainee teacher and her roommate were still emotionally unstable, and they might undergo a medical checkup once they return home.

“I think it is better for them to consult with a psychiatrist because what happened to them was a very traumatising incident, and I am not quite sure how long will it take for them to recover,” he said.

“So far, we have given out our numbers and details to the police in case there are any (developments) in the case, and we have also given other details including serial numbers of stolen items, hoping it might help with their investigation,” added the representative.

Police had said the foreign trainee teachers were robbed and one of them raped at their hostel in the early hours of last Saturday.

Electronic goods belonging to the victims including laptops, mobile phones, a Samsung camera and and iPad mini were also stolen.

When contacted yesterday, the Royal Brunei Police Force said the case is still under investigation and any information of the case could be relayed to the Tutong Police Station at 4221406 or the police hotline 993.

The Brunei Times