Cigarette smugglers on wheels run into police ‘mousetrap’

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force hauled in over a hundred cartons of cigarettes from two separate busts over the weekend.

In a statement issued by the RBPF, a 48-year-old local man travelling on a motorcycle near the border on September 25 was caught red handed with 100 cartons of ERA cigarettes in his possession.

The man was arrested and cigarettes and motorcycle confiscated and stored at Limau Manis Police Station.

Meanwhile, a 58-year-old Malaysian citizen who came through a “mouse trail” from the neighbouring country was caught with 25 cartons of cigarettes of various brands.

He was travelling on a bicycle at the time of arrest.

The bicycle along with the cigarettes have also been confiscated and are currently stored at Limau Manis Police Station.

In the statement, the RBPF expressed its appreciation to members of the public who have come forward with information of criminal and suspicious activity carried out by unscrupulous elements in their areas.

The Brunei Times