AITI survey to collect data for National ICT Manpower Master Plan

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THE Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) will interview about 800 organisations to collect data for the National ICT Manpower Master Plan.

The survey, which will be conducted over telephone and face-to-face interviews, begins today until November 30.

In collaboration with consultants IDA International Pte Ltd and IDC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, the survey will be gathering ICT manpower data to provide a better understanding of the current state of ICT professionals.

AITI said in a press statement that the master plan will also act as the basis for recommendations on the ICT workforce development programme, and project ICT manpower supply and demand.

Representatives from IDC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will conduct the survey on selected organisations in the private and public sectors across various industries, including ICT and non-ICT industries that provide or use ICT services.

“The survey will cover specific areas such as the current capability profile, attraction and attrition of ICT workforce as well as ICT skills development and training needs,” read the statement.

“The study refrains from any sensitive questions and AITI would like to assure that the source of the information provided will not be quoted in its report, but will instead be analysed in an aggregated manner with the interviewees,” it added.

AITI further requested cooperation from the selected organisations to participate in this survey by providing complete and insightful feedback to help build future plans targeted at grooming future IT professionals in Brunei.

The Brunei Times