Indonesian society keen to train Brunei Red Crescent members

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THE Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) is looking to build the capacity of its members by working together with the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI).

Speaking with The Brunei Times, the President of BDRCS Hj Julaini Hj Abdul Latip said that the Society is looking to form a synergy with PMI so that the two organisations could work together more closely.

He added that BDRCS is hoping to work with PMI on managing youth members and humanitarian aid.

The recent formation of the Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Team (HADRT) is only the beginning for BDRCS, said Hj Julaini, and that there is still a lot of areas that can be improved upon.

The group is also looking to invite regional specialists, especially from PMI, to give talks and train members in the field of disaster management as part of its capacity building.

Hj Julaini said that PMI is “knowledgeable and experienced” in the field of humanitarian aid and disaster relief, and praised them for their swift response during the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Aceh in 2006.

“PMI acted expertly in mobilising volunteers to help their government and the community during that period,” Hj Julaini said.

“We are planning to work closely together with PMI in the future, and try to get them to conduct trainings or share with us how they mobilise volunteers during disasters.”


PMI arrived in Brunei on Thursday for a three-day visit to the country, and took part in an informal discussion with BDRCS yesterday at the National Stadium.

PMI and BDRCS talked about the structure of their respective organisations and shared ideas on how to improve them.

They also talked about their future plans and how they can help each other to ensure that the programme succeeds.

BDRCS also asked about the possibility of having its members trained by PMI on humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts.

The Brunei Times interviewed the President of BDRCS and the Chairperson of PMI Jakarta on future collaboration.

The Chairman of PMI Jakarta, Rini Sutiyoso, said last night that PMI is keen to work together with BDRCS, adding that as a neutral organisation that is not tied to any political party, it does not discriminate and will provide assistance regardless of race or religion.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Rini said that the Jumbara (Jumpa Bakti Gembira), a youth camp for members of any national Red Cross and Red Crescent society, was held recently by PMI in the Jakarta province.

She welcomed Brunei to participate in next year’s Jumbara that is scheduled to be held in Denpasar, Bali.

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