Civil servants urged to improve quality of work

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COMMITTED and dynamic leaders are required to raise the quality of civil services.

Public administrators play an important role in the nation’s development, and should not run away from challenges but instead step forward to find solutions to ensure that public services are not left behind, imams said in the sermon delivered nationwide yesterday.

They underscored the theme of last year’s Civil Service Day celebrations and stressed the need for committed and dynamic leadership for effective, efficient and excellent governance.

From an Islamic perspective, quality leadership, measured by ability, competency and wisdom, is emphasised and is based on iman (faith) and taqwa (obedience to Islamic laws and fear of Allah SWT).

Imams said that “trustworthy leaders” who possess taqwa will always stand up for the truth even though they have power and authority.

Public administrators were warned against abusing their power and authority for bad deeds or their own benefits.

In saying this, imams recited verse 38 of Surah Al-Mathurat which states that everyone is accountable for their own action.

Meanwhile, having iman will help strengthen the resolve of a leader in carrying out his responsibilities with honesty, sincerity, trust, fairness, no favouritism, in a selfless manner and without abusing the power. Imams also outlined qualities that leaders should possess. “A leader should work with more diligence, patience, creative and innovative, full of determination and earnest as well as have high commitment in carrying out his duties.”

In addition, leaders should have foresight, be proactive and involved in their duties.

According to the imams, this will bring about a high quality brand of management and governance, and called on the public to work together in raising the quality of service towards excellence.

The Brunei Times