Senior centre seeks more experts

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THE SENIOR Citizens Activity Centre in Lambak is hoping to attract more people to join it by bringing in experts from various fields.

Hj Md Hussin Hj Yusof, the manager of the centre, said that he hoped that the experts would not only help encourage more people to join but also ensure that the senior citizens were well taken care of and could live healthy and productive lives.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs recently organised several religious activities for the centre including Al-Quran classes to improve the members’ reading skills as well as tahlil and dikir, he added.

“We have received good feedback from the members; they no longer feel lonely or stressed because they are so busy with the activities held here.”

“I hope village heads will also help in promoting this centre which caters to the needs of senior citizens from anywhere in the country.”

Hj Md Hussin said that one of the most popular activities of the centre was travelling, adding that the members had visited Miri and Kota Kinabalu.

“However, I know some of those who want to join could not do so because they have responsibilities where they have to pick up their grandsons and granddaughters from school or have to take care of them at home.”

To resolve this problem, Hj Hussin said that opening a nursery would be a good idea. “The senior citizens can show their skills in taking care of children there. It might be possible (to open a nursery) one day.”

One of the centre’s members, Hj Md Ali Hj Emran, 64, said that he had become more active ever since he joined the facility.

“There’s always something to do here to fill up time like the Al-Quran reading classes or the exercise activities. I’ve also learnt quite a lot, particularly on healthy eating habits.”

“I think more activities should be introduced – this way more people will be attracted to visit the centre, daily,” he added.

Another member, Pg Hjh Rosina Pg Hj Tuah, 51, who has been a member ever since the centre opened in the first quarter of 2013, said that language classes could also be introduced.

“It would be nice if someone can come in and teach us basic English or Arabic perhaps.

"Something that can stimulate our minds and our thinking – or something that is suitable for our age group.”

Located at Jalan 77, Lambak Kanan National Housing Scheme, the Senior Citizens Activity Centre is open from Monday to Thursday and on Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

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