Vietnam’s premier calls for peaceful resolution of South China Sea dispute

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Hanoi, Vietnam

VIETNAM has again reiterated peaceful resolution of the South China Sea dispute.

Speaking to a delegation of Asia News Network in Hanoi last Thursday, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that peace stability and maritime safety and security are the shared concerns and interests not only of ASEAN but also of the Asian region and the international community as 50 per cent of global trade is done from Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean.

He said ASEAN has issued six-point principles on the South China Sea, which gives directions to the countries involved to resolve the dispute through peaceful negotiations based on international laws.

“ASEAN and China must take the responsibility to resolve the dispute in order to ensure peace, stability, maritime security and safety as well as freedom of navigation,” Prime Minister Dung said.

“China must accelerate negotiations on the Code of Conduct (CoC) — a legally binding mechanism — to resolve the dispute,” he added.

The Vietnam Prime Minister said peace, stability, maritime safety and security are also very crucial to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

“Therefore, to achieve comprehensive peace in the region, there is no other way but a serious and strictly implementation of CoC by all the parties concerned,” Prime Minister concluded.

The Brunei Times