Safety briefing for JENESYS 2.0 students

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A SAFETY briefing was held for 45 students from higher education institutions, who will be flying off to Japan for the JENESYS 2.0 Mass Media – 12th batch programme.

Held at the auditorium of the Department of Information yesterday, the students were briefed by Hazilan Ramli, the Acting Head Ofice of Safety, Health & Environment (OSHE), Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He advised the students to understand and adhere to the local laws, immigration requirements and the culture.

“If they don’t understand anything, they should ask their supervisors and the organisers. Everyone must also be responsible and not just rely on their supervisors or organisers,” he told The Brunei Times. “We’re trying our best to prepare them so that they can travel safely.”

He also reminded the students who will become the ambassadors of the country to portray a good image so that the collaboration between both countries will be continued.

The only participant from Sekolah Perdagangan (Business School), Ak Md Kamarul Azeman Pg Md Zaini, expressed his excitement and gratitude to join for a second time. “I was a participant of the Jenesys 1.0 programme which focused more on culture and we were sent around Fukuoka. For this trip, I will be going to Kyoto so I can’t wait to experience the different culture because it’s different in every province.”

Ak Md Kamarul Azeman also added that he wants to share his experience with his peers and thanked the government of His Majesty for giving him the opportunity to go for the second time.

UBD students Nur Wafiqah Hj Md Kamaruddin and Md Akhmal Aiman Hj Abd Majid also expressed their excitement about the programme. “Since this is a mass media programme and related to our course which is Professional Communication and Media, we will be visiting broadcasting stations where we will be able to look at their communication and organisation skills.”

“We will bring back the knowledge and see whether we can implement it in Brunei. We will also be doing a fashion show where we’ll be donning traditional clothing.”

Md Akhmal Aiman shared that he is looking forward to the homestay the most. “I can’t wait to experience their day-to-day life.”

Meanwhile, Muhd Zulfaqar Aiman, one of the two participants from the Nakhoda Ragam Vocational School (SVNR) shared that he also hopes to gain experience and knowledge of the Japanese culture. “I’m looking to the travelling part the most because Brunei and Japan have been in good relations for a long time. I hope to bring back anything that will be useful to Brunei,” he said.

“I feel so lucky to be chosen and hope that more students from Nakhoda Ragam will participate in this programme next time. I also can’t wait to share with them my experience.”

The participants comprising of students from UBD, ITB, Jefri Bolkiah Engineering College, Politeknik Brunei, Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College (MTSSR), Nakhoda Ragam Vocational School (SVNR), Sultan Bolkiah Vocational School (SBVC), Wasan Vocational School and Sekolah Perdagangan (Business School) will be divided into two groups; Group A will be going to Tokushima while Group B will be going to Kyoto.

The students will be accompanied by two supervisors from Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Institut Teknologi Brunei.

The programme that will begin on September 22 until September 30 will be conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Centre (JICE).

The Brunei Times