JPKE to start labour force survey this month

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RESEARCHERS will start collecting data for a labour force survey at the end of this month to determine the country’s workforce characterististics for the year, a senior Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) official said.

JPKE Director-general Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah Hj Ahmad Ariffin yesterday said the department will be conducting the Labour Force Survey (LFS) 2014 from September 29 until October 26 to collect the latest information on the size and structure of the country’s labour force.

She was speaking during an event at the Islamic Da’wah Centre, which saw 83 survey officers pledge their cooperation for the project.

Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah said the survey would involve about 5,000 households in the country, where appointed survey officers would visit and interview the family members.

The data to be collected includes information regarding unemployment, labour distribution and economic characteristics of the population. This data can be used for planning, research and policymaking purposes, she said.

“LFS 2014 will be an important source of information for national socio-economic planning...and can be used by members from the private sector, academia and the public.”

A previous report in April stated that the survey is part of a two-year cooperative project between JPKE and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) titled “Revision and Enhancement of Labour Market Data Sources: Towards Setting up a Labour Market Information System in Brunei”.

The report had stated that the project would be prepared and implemented by the ILO and funded by the Brunei government.

The director-general noted that the survey is conducted under the country’s Statistics Act and also assured that information collected would be kept confidential and only used for statistical purposes.

She also hoped the survey can take place on an annual basis and added that by having yearly data, users can be equipped with better knowledge of the country’s workforce.

She said JPKE has cooperated with the ILO to ensure survey concepts, definitons and methodologies are aligned to international standards.

She then reminded survey officials to be polite when visiting houses so that household members are able to give their full cooperation.

Also present during the pledging event was Hj Abd Amin Hj Hashim, JPKE deputy director-general.

The Brunei Times