Hike for Shahbandar victim held

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A MEMORIAL hike was held for the late Chin Mei Fong at Bukit Shahbandar yesterday.

Eighty people comprised of friends, family and colleagues, participated in the memorial hike.

Rizan Latif, organiser of the event, told The Brunei Times that the hike was their way of remembering how she lived as she liked to go hiking, diving and travelling.

“Most of us wore pink today because it was her favourite color and she liked Hello Kitty. We also planned a memorabilia for her. People brought flowers and Hello Kitty craft sticks.”

Rizan added that the turnout was triple of what was expected.    “This shows that the community in Brunei cares; people came to pay their respects. The memorial also served as a reminder to stop crimes of violence against women.”

Christina Adrian, who met the deceased in the year 2000, described the late Chin Mei Fong as a nice person who was always smiling. She added that she felt very happy and surprised that a lot of people came.

Chin Mei Fong worked as a Human Resource Manager at the Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC). She was reported missing on September 7 and found dead at Bukit Shahbandar the next day.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) has called on the public to help identify two persons of interest who are potential witnesses to the murder and sexual assault.

Members of the public with any information on the case can reach ASP Pg Hj Abu Naba’a Pg Hj Yusof at 2322004, 2322006, 8889993 or visit the CID building at Jalan Ong Sum Ping.

The Brunei Times