Twin burglaries in Seria

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DMD Enterprise owner Desmond Chua received an unpleasant surprise yesterday morning when staff opening up for business discovered his store had been burgled overnight.

Arriving at the entertainment items store in Seria Plaza around 8.45am, workers realised that the outer fencing had been forcibly opened, with the padlock broken. Noticing from the glass display that a row of handphones were missing, they did not enter the premises and contacted the police.

Chua said the three closed-circuit surveillance cameras installed at his store had been spray painted, leading him to believe that the burglary was targeted.

“I have four workers at this store and they take turns holding the key to open up and close up… There was an attempted break in about two to three years ago but they were unsuccessful as they could not get past the door,” said Chua, who owns another branch in the same area.

He estimated his losses to be more than $10,000 mainly from the stolen mobile phones. He reported further theft of mobile prepaid cards and other small items and gadgets such as memory cards and power banks.

The thieves appeared to be in a hurry as more expensive and bulky items such as cameras were left alone.

The store workers cleaned up and resumed business as usual once police investigators had taken statements.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Fried Chicken along the same street also fell victim to burglary on the same night, although they only lost a donations box from the counter meant to raise funds for special needs children.

It is unclear if the two burglaries were related.

Police could not comment at the time of writing but confirmed the two separate theft incidents, receiving separate calls at 8.33am for the former and 7.55am for the latter.

Investigations are ongoing.

The Brunei Times