RBPF gives women equal opportunities

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HER Royal Highness Princess Hjh Masna, Commandant of Women Police, said the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) has created equal opportunities for female police to grow.

In a sabda to mark the Women Police’s 40th anniversary yesterday, HRH said “equal opportunities” for female police personnel can be seen as they occupy key positions such as in the Special Operation Squad to investigate complex criminal cases and in the Traffic Control and Investigation Department to ensure road safety.

“I also understand that female police personnel too played an important role in practising community policing in this country, especially in improving the public awareness towards current issues and criminal activities.

“This includes empowering women to come forward to assist the RBPF in preventing and combating criminal activities, especially in dealing with issues relating to women, children and the family institution,” she added during a guard of honour parade at the Officers’ Mess, RBPF headquarters.

The achievements made by the Women Police squad today, said HRH, would not be possible without a conducive work culture practised by the RBPF, which is open and embraced Women Police as a complementary team in the force.

To ensure members of the Women Police Squad remain relevant and competitive, HRH urged the development of human resources and prioritise lifelong learning.

“I believe (making an) investment in lifelong learning will be able to form a police force that is more innovative, progressive, dynamic and responsive,” HRH said.

The princess added that it would be more effective in improving the excellence of society-based services from the police, where the involvement of the community was also sought to contribute to the nation’s peace and security.

Developing human resources through lifelong learning would also strengthen camaraderie and cooperation, through the sharing of experience, knowledge and ideas among members of the police force.

“However, in our enthusiasm to pursue our career, as a wife and a mother, it’s necessary for us to practice a work-life balance – it is undeniably a challenging task and therefore the wisdom in overcoming such can be recognised as a high achievement for a woman (in the police force),” HRH said.

HRH further said based on latest statistics from the Public Service Department in July this year, 44 per cent of the workforce in the civil service are women – a positive achievement to be proud of.

The princess also called on all police personnel, especially members of the Women Police Squad, to always be dedicated, enthusiastic, professional and appreciate the purpose of their presence in the force. “Hopefully, all the contributions and sacrifices made (especially) by the (female police personnel) towards improving the police force will gain the blessings of Allah SWT,” she added.

The Brunei Times