12 women police officers receive awards

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TWELVE women police officers and personnel received the excellent award during Guard of Honour event in conjunction to the 40th anniversary celebration for the Women Police Squad at the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) headquarters yesterday.

Presenting the award, trophies and certificate of honour to the recipients was the Commandant of the Women Police, Her Royal Highness Princess Hjh Masna.

Since its establishment 40 years ago, the Women Police Squad has not only grown in terms of number but also in terms of its capability to handle different tasks within the police force.

Female police personnel were also given the task to handle cases related to women and children including to control, inspect and accompany female prisoners and children.

Compared to their roles since the squad was first established, women police’s services now include investigating specialised and serious cases, monitoring current situation and criminal threats as well as to regulate the safety of motorists on the road.

Among the recipients of the award was Woman Lance Corporal (WLCp) Syamsiah Bujang @ Matsait who had been working in the RBPF for more than eight years.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, she expressed her gratitude as she did not expect to receive the award as they are other women police personnel who had been in the force longer than her.

Among the challenges she faced she said the most interesting was when she was doing her parachute training.

The training however, said WLCp Syamsiah, made her stronger as it also helps to boost her self-confidence, enabling her to execute her duties well.

The parachuting training was just one of the challenging activities she had to face, wherein her line of duties demanded her face more challenges as she proceeds throughout her career as a policewoman.

Planning to stay longer in the police force, WLCp Syamsiah looked forward to more challenging tasks in the future during her service in RBPF.

For Woman Staff Sergeant (WS/Sgt) Aslinda Reduan who had been in the RBPF for more than 26 years, among the challenges she faced was to learn the proper way of executing traffic duties and to be on par with other male police personnel.

“However, we were also properly taught and in turn, we are now able to do tasks other male police personnel can do, especially in stopping cars and pointing out the directions in the middle of the road with fast drivers, ” she said.

Being the head of operations in the Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL), she shared that she was also involved in conducting and managing a number of operations such as speed traps and apprehended drivers who had committed illegal U-turns.

“And I am also the one to explain and guide those under my operation unit the proper ways on how to execute their traffic duties,” said WS/Sgt Aslinda.

The Brunei Times