Unlock your full potential and succeed

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SUCCEEDING in life is a matter of realising one’s true potential.

Organised by the Ministry of Development, Dr Ali Qassem, Director of Human Resource for Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology and Lead Consultant for K-MAS Management, was delivering a talk to civil servants on self motivation and developing a great personality.

“Success is not a matter of luck. Our success cannot be measured with the success of others. You become successful by realising your true power,” said the speaker.

His motivational talk focused on lifting the spirit of the civil servants to realise their full potential in building a strong organisational structure in their departments.

Dr Ali explained that individuals have ‘untapped power’ which is hidden due to failure in recognising one’s true purpose in life.

He stressed that being passionate in the workplace is one of the way to resurface one’s ability.

“Can you expect to grow chili by watering it on top of a ceramic? You need soil to grow chili. Similar to human beings, you need to know where you can improve,” said Dr Ali.

Each individual must realise his or her own situation before making changes, he said. “A man’s biggest treasure is his or her potential."

“When you harness your potential, you can produce ideas that benefit the nation’s development,” added the motivational speaker.

Present at the event were the ministry’s permanent secretaries: (Technical and Professional) Dato Paduka Hj Suhaimi Hj Gafar; (Administration and Finance) Hj Md Lutfi Abdullah; and Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Development, Marzuke Hj Mohsin, as well as other officials from the ministry.

The Brunei Times