‘Parents should match hopes with children’s career interests’

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PARENTS should match their expectations with their children’s career interests so their children can make decisions that benefit both of them.

Acting Head of Counselling and Career Division Ali Yusri Abd Ghafor shared this tip with The Brunei Times during an interview on the sidelines of the Career Guidebook launching ceremony at the Indoor Stadium in Berakas recently. “This was fundamental objective of the guidebook: to open up the minds of parents so they know what options their children had and what was best for them,” he said.

The counselor said that, in his experience, students have expressed that desires their parents had at times conflicted with their children’s interests.

“At times, following the expectations of their parents without having much heart in it may have undesired implications on the students,” he said.

According to him, the book would give students an inclination on what they want by answering questions that show their personalities.

“It’s a win-win situation because parents know what their child wants, students know their parents’ expectations – so both can find the middle line.

“Knowing what you want to become helps you focus on excelling in the academic subjects that can lead you to that profession.”

However, he said, parents apart should also encourage their children to participate in community activities useful for job interviews.

“In most interviews, academics will not be looked at because you are already qualified for the interview with that result,” he said.

“Instead what they may ask is what have you done in the last few months? Joined any youth and sports activities? These are some valuable experiences you cannot learn at school,” he added.

Queried if the book can overcome challenges students faced, he said that the completion of the book was a “dream come true” but it was merely another positive contributing factor.

“For a long time, we’ve dreamed to have a book where students and parents can refer to, know their personality and know where they want to work.

“The Ministry of Education will always help but parents support is even more vital.”

Whether the book helps or not, he said that for counsellors and teachers, the journey to help students does not end when they retire. “Our journey does not end when we get our pensions. We help students until the end of our lives – because the teaching spirit is in our souls,” Ali Yusri said.

The Brunei Times