Senior Brunei-Muara district officials visit rice production farms

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SENIOR officials of the Brunei-Muara District Office recently visited commercial rice production farms in Kg Limau Manis of Mukim Pengkalan Batu.

Among those present were Brunei-Muara District Officer Md Sunadi Hj Buntar, Legislative Council member cum Kg Putat village head Yang Berhormat Haji Jumat Akim, Penghulu of Mukim Pengkalan Batu Haji Tahir Hj Tarip, and Kg Limau Manis village head Hj Mohimin Hj Johari @ Jahari.

According to a representative of the district office, the main purpose of the visit was to monitor the rice production activities of the villagers.

It was previously reported last year that 50 hectares were opened up for commercial rice production in the village to boost the village’s economic growth, and to encourage the village community to be involved with rice production within the village itself.

In a press statement, the district office maintained that the area currently continues to be run by 23 members of the village’s consultative council.

To conclude the visit, the district office officials also visited other proposed plantation project sites within the mukim.

Among these were a potential project site for sweet sorghum plantation (in collaboration with Makmur Jaya Company) and a potential site for agarwood (gaharu) plantation (in collaboration with Gaharu Berjaya Resources).

The Brunei Times