‘Health is key to happiness’

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IMAMS yesterday advised all residents to look after their health as it is a blessing from Allah (SWT) in which each and every individual is responsible for.

During the Friday sermon, imams said health is the key to happiness in the world, and that it is more valuable than wealth and possession.

“It is evident when we see there are some who are willing to spend all their money just to be healthy and energetic, even more so in the case of treating diseases. What is the use of all the wealth if you’re living a life filled with pain and suffering?”

Congregants were also reminded that in Islam, Muslims are told to look after what they eat, drink or inhale and not to consume anything that has the potential to harm. Imams shared that even the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself taught about eating in moderation — to eat when one is hungry and stop before one is full.

Imams went on to mention that even in science, dietitians have advised to eat in moderation and reduce consuming food or drinks with too much fat, sugar or salt.

“We have to eat according to our daily activities, because the excess food in the body will invite various risks and health problems.”

To counter health problems, congregants were also told to do more physical activities and sports, which would help control their body weight and keep them healthy.

“It can also increase the good cholesterol in the blood which is called HDL, while also increasing the body’s efficiency in absorbing oxygen and its distribution to the whole body.”

The sermon stated that healthcare is also an important responsibility of various stakeholders including the government, community and organisations, with various activities, programmes or services provided in ensuring the health, quality of life and happiness of the country’s citizens.

With the launching of the Health Symposium 2014, imams cited the Ministry of Health in explaining that non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes have been the main causes of death for the last 10 years.

“In 2012 alone, five of these diseases were the cause of 670 deaths, which is 55.1 per cent from a total of 1,216 deaths in the country,” said the imams.

“With good health, we are able to have a peaceful life and do our daily activities properly and smoothly. The most important thing is, with good health we are also able to perform our daily worships to Allah (SWT).”

The Brunei Times