Remember Brunei identity, overseas students advised

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SCHOLARSHIP students must not forget their Bruneian identity no matter how far they have studied abroad.

Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office Dato Paduka Hj Abd Wahab Juned said this in his speech at the closing ceremony of the Seberang Laut Village Civic course at Stoneville Hotel, Temburong yesterday where 39 government bonded students were present.

The deputy minister said along with good academic knowledge, the students should also possess a good understanding and appreciation of the Sultanate’s community.

“Do not for once think that knowledge is everything and that we can, with that knowledge fulfil our duties to the community without the context of the community,” he said.

“Why should we be concerned about civil affairs and the community? It’s because we live as one community and it functions as the life unit of our nation.”

“If we always remember what’s best for our community and nation first over our personal needs – then this is the perspective that can lead us to live in prosperity together.”

Achieving this path, he said it was then crucial to plant civic awareness in the students so they were not easily distracted by unwanted elements.

“With strong civic awareness and exposure to civic responsibilities, we can produce grassroots leaders beaming with quality and progressive leadership.”

“We cannot forget our home, origins, identity, our heritage – these characteristics should be experienced so we can then become practitioners of it.”

Following his speech, Dato Hj Wahab then presented certificates to the students followed by a _doa selamat _prayer.

Meanwhile later on in the afternoon, the 39 students had their final activity; charity work at houses of destitute families: Hj Abd Hamid Abdullah of Kg Selangan and Dayang Maimunah Abdullah of Kg Nagalang before they returned to Bandar Seri Begawan.

The Brunei Times