37 pupils taken to RIPAS Hospital

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THIRTY-SEVEN pupils from Perpindahan Lambak Kanan Jalan 10 Primary School were taken to Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital (RIPAS) yesterday, after vomiting and complaining of abdominal pains.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) confirmed the incident in a statement. It said the primary school contacted paramedics who responded promptly.

The school also alerted the parents immediately, the ministry said.

Pupils were given medical attention at RIPAS.

The ministry also said that they had received information from the hospital that six pupils had been admitted into wards, while another four were “under observation”.

“It is confirmed that all these 37 pupils are in stable condition,” the ministry said, adding that it was awaiting medical reports, and was working closely with relevant authorities to ascertain the cause of the incident.

Parents and students were advised to go for follow-up medical appointments today.

The ministry urged the public to refrain from disseminating unconfirmed information and speculation regarding the situation.

Stories of the incident spread rapidly through social media sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook yesterday.

Social media users speculated that the students had been admitted for food poisoning after consuming a beverage.

No verified information on the cause of the incident was available as of press time yesterday.

When The Brunei Times visited RIPAS, a parent of an affected student said that her daughter had vomited four times.

She said that she was informed by the school around 11.45am about the incident, and was told to come to the hospital.

She added that her daughter had, in fact, drunk the beverage for the first time yesterday morning, though she was unsure if it was the cause of the symptoms experienced by her daughter.

Meanwhile, an on-duty nurse at RIPAS shared that the affected children were transferred from the Accident and Emergency Department to wards by 1.30pm yesterday, for further observation.

There, they were also given IV fluids to replace fluids that had been lost during vomiting, she said.

The nurse also said the incident was considered “quite serious” for children, but added that none of the children experienced diarheaic symptoms.

She further said that the affected children were resting and under observation at the time.

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