Youth urged to take up jobs in private sector

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A CHANGE in mindset is needed in order to realise that working in the private sector is just as noble as working in the government, the Acting Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports said yesterday.

Datin Paduka Hjh Adina Othman was giving a speech during the launching of the ninth Youth Development Centre Entrepreneurship Week at the centre itself.

According to the acting minister, there has been a tendency in the older generation to prefer working in the government or public sector, however now factors such as the TAP scheme has helped reduce the gap between the public and private sectors.

“The youth which includes the trainees at the Youth Development Centre must be ready to accept any work that is halal,” said Datin Paduka Hjh Adina.

The acting minister also recommended that youths and unemployed individuals consider entrepreneurship as one of the ways to earn money.

“The features and value of entrepreneurship is actually consistent with the teachings of Islam. Business and entrepreneurship itself is a profession that holds a special place in Islam. Entrepreneurship does not only contribute to the increase in income per capita of a country, but also act as a catalyst in changing the social structure and community,” she said.

Datin Paduka Hjh Adina added that the use of Internet technology and social media has revolutionised business and entrepreneurship, making it easier and cheaper to set up.

The entrepreneurship week will last for five days from September 3-7 with the objective of nurturing business culture in the trainees of the centre.

According to the Acting Assistant Director of the Youth Development Centre, Haswandi Hj Osman, the trainees were given complete freedom in running their booths based on their own courses without any help from the officers and staff.

After the acting minister launched the event by hitting the gong, she visited all the stalls set up by the trainees.

Throughout the week, booths were set up in accordance with the nine courses offered at the centre which included a cybercafé, photography and a face painting booth.

Several competitions were held along the week such as fruit-designing competition, breakfast-cooking competition, and colouring competition for the children.

Food stalls were also set up by the trainees and several non-governmental organisations also joined in to exhibit their vehicles such as the Classic Car exhibition, exhibition from the Brunei Mercedes Owner Group and a motorcycle exhibition by the Independent Group.

The Brunei Times