Importance of children’s education highlighted

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THE sermon yesterday emphasised on the Compulsory Education Act whereby parents are obliged to send their school-age children to school or face hefty penalty.

Imams yesterday reminded parents that it is their utmost duty to nurture and educate their family, especially their children, by giving them proper education so that they may become a contributing member of the society and help the nation to prosper.

Children are a blessing and a gift bestowed by Allah SWT and parents are entrusted to nurture and protect their children the best way they can, according to the Islamic teachings.

Imams reiterated the sabda of Prophet Muhammad SAW as narrated by Anas bin Malik: ‘Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.’

“Although education begins at home, in today’s context, one way of providing good and complete education to children is by sending them to schools with the hope that they will be able to glean knowledge of this world and of the hereafter – both of which will equip our children to be useful human beings,” said the imams.

The Bruneian government enforced a Compulsory Education Order in 2007, where this Order was changed to the Compulsory Education Act in 2011, ensuring that all children who have reach six years of age and above would attend school and receive formal education, according to the education system set by the Ministry of Education.

“The existence of this education order suggests possibilities of producing model human beings, who are able to propel the country towards better and more effective development, while moulding and expanding the mind, heart and soul to achieve self-awareness and a good community life.”

This initiative is in line with the aspiration and vision of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam towards the national vision known as Wawasan 2035, which is to produce highly educated and skilled citizens.

With the Primary School Assessment (PSR) for Year Six students drawing closer, imams also hoped that parents and families will be able to ensure that their children attend classes and do their revisions diligently apart from giving moral support and prayers for their success.

The Brunei Times