98 pupils attend DBP talk on way to prepare for exams

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NINETY-EIGHT pupils from six local schools were briefed on readying themselves to perform their best in their exams at the library of the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) in the capital on Thursday.

The pupils, from primary and secondary level heard three talks which covered mental, physical and spiritual preparedness as well as receiving tips on marking guidelines and answering techniques.

Head of the Libraries Department Hj Sahari Hj Nassar said Thursday’s session titled “motivational guidance” was part of DBP’s agenda to further the country’s vision of an educated generation, that is both intellectual and religious.

He added that DBP, is aiming to make its libraries as “centres of knowledge and welfare” for people of “all walks of society” by introducing the borrowing of books in groups for families, mobile libraries and hosting activities to promote reading.

Acting Director of DBP Hjh Nortijah Hj Mohd Hassan also encouraged students to make use of the DBP’s resources, which include past exam papers, to familiarise themselves with the format of questions and to identify potential patterns.

Jais Anak Ingir and Othman Pengarah Hj Kapitan from the Examinations Department of the Ministry of Education began the first discussion on how students should tailor their answers to specific questions, based upon certain marking guidelines.

How one should pray and prepare spiritually before exams was explained by Hj Amin Hj Mohd Yassin from the Islamic Da’wah Centre, while the final talk on general preparations before, during and after exams was conducted by the Co-Curriculum Department’s Hjh Rose Diana Hj Hidop.

Sultan Muhamad Jamalul Alam Secondary School, Awang Semaun Secondary School, Mabohai Primary School, Raja isteri Fatimah Primary School, Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri and Sungai Siamas Primary School were the attending schools.

DBP will hold the “motivational guidance” sessions in Tutong this September 11, Kuala Belait on September 18 and Temburong on September 30. The sessions will feature different speakers but will follow the same three-part format.

The Brunei Times