11 UNISSA students selected for Study Abroad Programme

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ELEVEN undergraduate students of Universiti Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) were selected for the Study Abroad Programme (SAP).

A doa selamat was held for them at the Rizqun International Hotel on Thursday where the Rector of UNISSA, Dr Hj Norarfan Hj Zainal was the guest of honour.

The SAP is a special programme offered to students who have achieved excellent academic results in their first and second year at UNISSA.

The students must fulfil certain requirements to be chosen for the SAP; they must maintain ‘B’ plus grade or 3.33 CGPA (cumulative grade point average) in their first and second year.

They must also have strong command of English and Arabic and they must be active in co-curricular activities. Another criterion is that students must have positive conduct and good personality.

This year, the SAP programme is sending students to study at three universities; three students will go to Jordan University, two to Yarmouk University in Jordan and six will go to Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia.

“There is no easy way to success,” said UNISSA’s Rector, Dr Hj Noraifan. “All the challenges that come are actually required in order for the students to achieve excellence.”

He added that the programme is an opportunity for them to establish and develop their potential in becoming an asset to the nation.

He also reminded the students to remember the national philosophy which is the Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) as their identity as well as to be careful as to not be easily influenced by things that go against the Ahli Sunnah Waljama’ah.

One of the chosen students, Nurul ‘Ain Md Redzuan, will be taking Islamic Civilisation and History of Islam (Tamadun Islam dan Sejarah Islam) at Yarmouk University in Jordan.

Expressing joy, she told The Brunei Times that the programme will help her improve her Arabic language and open her mind as well as teach her how to become independent.

She also hopes to bring back all the knowledge gained and share it with her peers in Brunei.

Meanwhile, Dk Nurul Najiah Pg Abu Bakar who will be taking Business Administration at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Malaysia expressed her happiness and gratitude of being chosen.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time – even before I joined UNISSA. Ever since I found out about the programme, I’ve been working hard to meet the requirements.”

She added that because Malaysia’s economy is more developed, she hopes to gain knowledge that can help improve Brunei’s economy.

Sabrina Hj Mahmud, who is taking Law and Syariah Law said she was honoured to be chosen to undergo the SAP and intends to make full use of the opportunity so she can contribute her abilities and capacities as well as be useful for the nation.

“It is a great opportunity to study both sides of the laws, especially with the re-implementation of the Syariah law in Brunei. Also, as a youth, I aspire to serve Brunei in whatever field that I am capable of, InsyaAllah.”

“’Youths are the nation’s asset.’ – a statement that I always hold on to, coming from His Majesty the Sultan, a man whom I am inspired by the most,” she added.

The Brunei Times