UNISSA students on ‘Kenali Negara Kita’ programme

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KEEPING traditions alive must not only depend on the knowledge from books but it should be lived and practiced so that it does not fade away, which is what the Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali’s (UNISSA) Kenali Negara Kita Programme (KNK) aims to do.

Ustazah Hjh Amalena Hj Jarudin, head coordinator of the programme, told The Brunei Times that the KNK programme is important for the students to be able to experience the traditional life in Brunei and create awareness of the heritage and culture of Brunei so that it is inherited and does not go extinct.

From the activity the students were taught how to make ‘penyaram’, ‘ambuyat’, how to play traditional games and create local handicrafts, which Ustazah Hjh Amalena admitted that half of the youths nowadays do not know how to.

Md Fareezal Rosli, 22, agreed that most youths nowadays, even if they know of the traditional games, do not know how to play it.

“This programme is important to keep the tradition alive, especially these traditional games. Most youths nowadays do not know much about these traditional games such as ‘_salok-salokan’ _and ‘basikal-basikalan’. But we got to learn and play it so it helps keep the tradition from dying,” said Md Fareezal.

Ak Md Khairuddin Pg Md Yussof, 20, agreed that he felt that the programme had given him the opportunity to learn and experience the Bruneian tradition.

“We got to learn how to play the ‘gasing’, the steps to make ‘ambuyat’ and even had a chance to play traditional music instruments such as the ‘Guling Tangan’. The opportunity to experience these activities does not come often,” he said.

The Brunei Times