Low attendance main obstacle in improving PSR performance

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LAMBAK Kanan Jalan 49 Primary School yesterday held a sharing session with parents and Year Six students to motivate them to perform well in the upcoming Primary School Assessment (PSR) exanimations.

Hjh Noorliah Hj Aspar, the principal, said the school’s performance in PSR has continued to improve over the past five years.

However, it still is not able to achieve the target set by the Ministry of Education as they have only produced five students who achieved 5As.

Through activities that the school has carried out this year, she hoped the school can achieve an overall pass rate of 85 per cent and produce 10 students who achieve 5As.

However, she said one of the school’s challenges to achieve this goal was poor student attendance.

In dealing with the problem, Hjh Noorliah said the school would contact the student’s parents and sometimes organise visits to their houses to find out why they were absent.

The school would then require the parents to sign an agreement to send their children to school.

To achieve their target, the principal said some teachers have been relieved of their administration duties to allow them to focus “100 per cent” on teaching the students, with clerks or even the principal herself taking over their other responsibilities.

Other activities the school has organised throughout the year includes a monthly motivational programme for the students, free tuition classes, having teachers adopt foster students and tutor them individually as well as streaming the students into classes based on their abilities.

Hjh Noorliah said one of the objectives of organising the sharing session yesterday was to make parents aware of the concerns expressed by MoE on student welfare.

The Permanent Secretary (Core Education) at MoE, Dr Hj Junaidi Hj Abdul Rahman, said the Department of Schools was worried about school preparations for the upcoming exams, noting that there is less than one month left before the exam.

After the speeches, the school opened the floor for parents and students to ask questions regarding the school's programmes.

However, none of the parents took up that opportunity and the session continued with a motivational talk.

The motivational talk was given by an invited lecturer from the Islamic Da’wah Centre, Ustaz Hj Badaruddin Hj Besar.

The Brunei Times