‘I Love Brunei Darussalam’ final judging today

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THE final round of judging for The Brunei Times’s ‘I Love Brunei Darussalam’ competition will take place today at the ground floor of the Times Square Shopping Complex.

Sixty finalists made it through to the final round for the painting competition, 17 for the old photographs competition and 38 for the photograph competition.

Carrying the theme ‘My Vision, Green Brunei’, The Brunei Times’s painting competition is divided into three categories; primary category with 185 entries, secondary category with 158 entries respectively. For the open category, 46 entries were received.

The winners of the top three paintings under the primary and secondary categories will receive a savings account, an iPod and trophy while the open category winners will receive an additional Coffee Bean and Tea leaf Coffee Machine.

The objectives of the competition were to encourage talents to showcase their creativity in painting as well as provide a platform for all participants to demonstrate their commitment to our society, the environment and the country.

The contest is to also award participants who creatively showcase their innovative character of the theme given for the competition.

 Meanwhile a total of 224 entries were received in the Open (21 years old and above) and Youth (below 21 years old) category of the photography contest. The old photograph competition received 45 entries. 

The winner of the photography contest’s open category (21 years old and above) will receive $6,000 and youth Category (below 21 years old) will win $3,000 worth of prizes.

The old photograph competition was open to entries taken before or during February 23, 1984. The best five photos in this category will each win a Baiduri Bank savings account worth $1,000 and a crystal trophy.

During the final round of judging of the “I Love Brunei” video competition, three videos were shortlisted in Category ‘B’ (below 25 years) and seven were shortlisted in Category ‘A’ (25 years and above).

Themed “Brunei through my viewfinder”, it aims to encourage people to showcase their creativity through videography.

The winners of each competition will be announced tomorrow.

An exhibition will also be held for the top 20 entries in painting, old photography and photography categories while the top 10 video entries will also be screened from today until September 4.

The prize presentation will be held on September 3 at Times Square Shopping Complex.

The ‘I Love Brunei Darussalam’ competitions are sponsored by Baiduri Bank, Mahkota Crystal, Netcom Computer House, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Butra Heidelberg Cement Sdn Bhd, D’SUNLIT Sdn Bhd, and Times Square Shopping Complex.

 The Brunei Times