Boat services resume

National 1 minute, 30 seconds


PASSENGER boat services between Brunei-Muara and Temburong districts resume operations as debris clean up continues at the Temburong river following the downpour on Friday night.

The debris, which included dead wood and branches, built up under the bridge along the Temburong river, which connects the two halves of the district, which prevented the boats from travelling the lane.

The services are operated by Koperasi Pengangkutan Bersatu Temburong Dgn Tanggungan Bhd and Ampuan Hj Salleh Ampuan Hj Judah & Anak Anak.

Ampuan Hj Salleh Ampuan Hj Judah told The Brunei Times in a phone interview, “We will give our passengers the services to the best of our ability.

“However, the incident yesterday was due to an act of nature, so there was nothing much we can do. Alhamdulilah, we were able to resume the services today.”

The company has three passenger boats available to serve the route.

A representative from Koperasi Pengangkutan Bersatu Temburong Dgn Tanggungan Bhd said, “Yesterday we have to close around mid-day due to the blockage. Today we have 10 boats on hand to transport passengers between the two districts.”

Personnel from the Safety & Road Maintenance, Public Works Department, Department of Fire and Rescue Operations ‘G’ in Temburong District as well as the Royal Brunei Police Force were on site to clear the debris.

A representative from the Public Works Department said 15 of their personnel were tasked to clear the debris with help from the Fire and Rescue Department Operation G and Royal Brunei Police Force.

As there was too much debris for them to be cleared manually, the team had to be assisted by barges that were docked at the open space area at the dermaga in Bangar Town to help remove the flotsam.

All the debris was finally cleared at 7pm last night.

The Brunei Times