Youth important asset for development

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ISLAM acknowledges the importance of youth being the agents of change and the future’s leaders, hence it is important to groom and equip them with strong morals and values in line with Islamic teachings, said imams.

In the Friday sermon yesterday, imams highlighted that youth are the nation’s important asset for development, be it in terms of politics, economy, social, education and so on.

Imams added that Islam encourages youth to fully utilise their capabilities and potential to further develop their intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical strength to help develop the nation into a successful nation.

These aspects are important as the nation’s strength or weakness depends on youth themselves; in other words, the success of a nation is determined by the youth.

Hence, this is why the youth must be instilled with good moral values and behaviour, equipped with knowledge and skills towards a better nation in the future.

The Sultanate will be celebrating the National Youth Day this year on September 3, with the theme “Bersatu Menghadapi Cabaran Abad ke-21” (Together Towards Withstanding 21st Century Challenges).

“The theme calls for youth to be united in withstanding all challenges in this century. United in terms of creating solidarity, to cooperate in any aspect… With these, it can create youth who are dynamic and with a strong drive towards success.

“Youth are the main component which will play an important role to help realise nation’s dreams and aspirations towards the ‘Wawasan 2035’ (Vision 2035),” said imams.

The sermon also emphasised that our youth must be able to recite Al-Quran, which is the source of guidance for Muslims in our daily lives. Muslims must familiarise themselves with Al-Quran to reap rewards and blessings from Allah SWT.

Imams also noted that a majority of youth and children in the country are Al-Quran literate and have finished reading all 30 juzu’ (chapters) of the Quran.

Imams shared the many benefits of Muslims who finished reading all juzu’ and organise Khatam Al-Quran events to celebrate the victory after reading the Al-Quran.

Among the benefits are as a syiar Islam (disseminate Islamic teachings); malaikat (angels) will pray upon Al-Quran readers and all do’a (supplications) will be granted, with the will of Allah SWT.

Brunei Darussalam will celebrate National Youth Day on September 3 at Hassanal Bolkiah National Indoor Stadium in Berakas.

The Brunei Times