Wu Chun talks about role models at APEC forum

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BRUNEIAN actor and entrepreneur Wu Chun was recently invited to speak at the APEC Women Leadership Forum in Beijing on the importance of role models.

In an email interview, he said attending the conference reminded him that taking an interest in the outside world is about honing one’s development.

“Make it your mission to know what is going on around the world, and you will be surprised how much inspiration you can get from it.

“But more importantly, it is pertinent to surround ourselves with positive and smart people who can lift our spirits and help us achieve our dreams sooner,” he said, adding Bruneians should always maintain a hunger for success.

“Never think you are clever enough to know everything. This is a similar attitude I have observed from all successful entrepreneurs.

“Many of them are also philanthropists who believe in giving back to the community once they have become successful, (and I think this is very important),” he said.

During a one-on-one dialogue on the “Importance of Role Models” with KG Inc & Seeway Investment Chairwoman Kathy Gong at the forum, Wu Chun said he was 17 when he purchased his first leadership book.

Since then, he said he has an interest in learning more about leadership skills.

“That is one of the reasons I accepted the invitation to join this forum.

“Another reason is purely because of the great respect I have for women, especially through the influence of my late mother and my role as a father,” he said.

Wu Chun told the audience that being an entrepreneur, artiste and a father is extremely important in establishing himself as a good role model.

“This is so I can inspire them to do meaningful things in life, and hopefully lead and give them the courage to achieve their dreams.

“It is important that we have to walk the talk and gain the respect from everyone around us,” he added.

The celebrity said he was also pleased that there were a few successful entrepreneurs who showed interest in diversifying their businesses in Brunei.

He said the conference allowed him to enhance his business networks as he plans to make investments in the Asia-Pacific region.

“It was a great experience to be able to attend such a conference. This experience certainly allowed me to exchange useful information,” he said.

Wu Chun said following his first time attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, he had mentioned to the organiser to possibly host similar conferences in Brunei in the future.

This year’s theme, “Connect, Role Models, Inclusive Growth”, discussed ways to enhance business networking, congregate role models to mentor next generation leaders and explore new growth strategies to harness sustainable growth.

The Brunei Times