Most jobseekers are ill-prepared for interviews

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MOST jobseekers in Brunei lack the confidence in job interviews and are unable to create impressive resumes, according to a Brunei Technical Education Institute study.

Up to 85 per cent of jobseekers failed to secure employment due to unconvincing resumes, the survey found.

“Most jobseekers, especially fresh school leavers, still do not know how to update their resumes correctly and do not prepare well enough for job interviews conducted by the Public Service Commission (SPA),” said Pg Zuana Pg Manshor, head of Academic and Career Improvement Unit at the institute’s Community Education Department.

During a Career Briefing and Workshop at Ahmad Tajuddin Primary School yesterday, she said many jobseekers are fearful and lack confidence during the interviews, causing them to lose focus.

“Prior to this series of workshops, we conducted several overall studies to find out why graduating students are still without employment. We found that many of them still need guidance.”

Among the major contents of the workshop were tips on interview protocols, advice on resume-building and writing cover letters. Their studies also found that some of the most common mistakes made during job applications were typos, verbose cover letters and lengthy resumes.

Students were advised to use spellchecks, write brief cover letters and include only relevant qualifications or experience in resumes.

“Most importantly, they must show that they are prepared for the interviews and have brought the necessary documents. Certificates and degrees are not enough to guarantee you a good job,” said Pg Zuana.

Another presenter at the briefing, Hjh Erie Abdullah, head of Continuing Education Department, added that jobseekers had to make a good impression on interviewers.

“(The workshop)… aims to teach you about self-presentation and communication, including speech styles, sitting posture and body language while being interviewed.

“Qualifications are not enough if we fail to convince the interviewers about who we really are,” she added in her address to participants.

Jobseekers, school leavers and members of the public are welcome to contact the Academic and Career Improvement Unit for employment-related advice and assistance.

“I myself receive visits from many people at my office almost daily seeking for advice on career paths, choosing the appropriate jobs according to qualifications. They do bring their resumes and certificates and we will do our best to help,” said Pg Zuana.

This was the first time the group had conducted the workshop for school leavers and members of the public in Belait. They head on to Tutong and Temburong over the coming weeks.

Some 30 people attended the workshop held to celebrate 100 years of formal education in Brunei.

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