More Korean tourists eyed

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BRUNEI is eyeing more South Korean tourists following a slight increase in arrivals last year.

Noraini Hj Tersad, special duties officer at the Tourism Development Department, said South Korea is one of the key tourism markets for Brunei, even though it is still small.

“According to our 2013 statistics, South Korean tourists were among the top 10 arrivals in Brunei, contributing two per cent of the total arrivals,” she said.

The special duties officer added that more needs to be done to market and promote Brunei’s tourist attractions by creating awareness of Brunei’s rich nature and cultural heritage.

In a bid to attract more South Korean tourists, the ASEAN-Korea Centre is organising the “ASEAN Tourism Human Resource Development Programme”.

The programme seeks to help tourism stakeholders with guidelines on enhancing the service capacity by fostering their understanding of South Korean tourists.

Noraini said she hopes the programme can help the participants learn more about catering to the needs of South Korean tourists to make “Brunei a better host for our South Korean visitors”.

Deputy Head of Development Planning and General Affairs Unit at the ASEAN-Korea Centre Yusdiman Saman said learning more about South Korean tourism can help attract more of its tourists to Brunei.

The centre invited three lecturers to talk on the topics “Korean Tourism”, “Korean Culture” and “Korean Language” to the stakeholders.

Professor Yeong Hyeon Hwang will give a talk on “Korean Tourism”, which will offer an in-depth analysis on tourism trends and prospects of the South Korean tourism market.

The lecture on “Korean Culture” will give a general overview of the culture including traditions, lifestyle, South Korean etiquette and manners.

UBD lecturer Professor Ji Yeon Kim would provide the stakeholders with training on the use of practical South Korean expressions that can be utilised in day-to-day communication with South Korean tourists.

A press release from the ASEAN-Korea centre said about 60 participants would be taking part in the two-day programme at the Radisson Hotel.

The statement said the number of South Koreans travelling to the ASEAN region is increasing annually, with 4.9 million South Korean tourists recorded last year.

Apart from Brunei, the Human Resource Development programme was held in three other countries in the region, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The centre said they are planning to organise another one in the Philippines in November this year.

The Brunei Times