Laws need to be simple, up-to-date

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LAWS must be kept simple, modern and relevant, said a senior official from the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) yesterday.

Speaking at the opening of a workshop on law reform, Legal Draftsman Alice Khan Ahmad Khan highlighted the importance of law reform during times of change, requiring laws to be kept up-to-date, simple, and cost-effective.

The AGC invited renowned law reform consultant, Michael Sayers, to conduct the two-day workshop, which takes place at the Law and Courts Building.

Sayers was previously chief executive officer of the Law Commission for England and Wales.

Several AGC officers will attend the two-day workshop, as well as policy-makers from the Prime Minsiter’s Office, the State Judiciary, Legisltive Council, and Islamic Legal Unit of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Alice Khan also thanked the Prime Miniser’s Office for their continued support for capacity-building programmes within the AGC, which aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of its staff.

The Brunei Times