Brunei sends highest number of peacekeepers to Lebanon

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BRUNEI has sent 30 Royal Brunei Armed Forces personnel to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), the largest contingent of peacekeepers the sultanate has deployed since it first participated in 2008.

Head of the Brunei contingent, Major Pg Malik Yusri Pg Hj Zaidi, said the soldiers will be carrying out duties in accordance to the mandate by the United Nations (UN) such as surveillance and patrol in the country.

“We will also be monitoring the withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon, and support the country’s army in military operations,” he added.

Major Pg Malik Yusri was speaking on the sidelines of a sending off ceremony for the soldiers at the Royal Brunei Air Force (RBAirF) Base in Rimba.

The head of contingent, who will be spending a year in Lebanon, also shared his pride in being chosen to carry out peacekeeping tasks.

“Personally, I am grateful for this opportunity to participate in the peacekeeping and surveillance mission with the UNIFIL. InsyaAllah, I will give it my best in carrying out the task entrusted to me,” he added.

Meanwhile, Captain Abdul Mujib Japar from the RBAF Religious Department (JAMA’AT), also expressed his pride in being part of the contingent.

He said joining the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon would be a good learning experience, especially by working together with international counterparts.

“Even though only 30 people were sent for this mission, we would strive to prove that the RBAF too is capable in carrying out peacekeeping tasks and other duties in the international arena,” said the captain.

The national contingent will join troops from Malaysia under the command of Malaysian Battalion 850-2 (MALBATT 850-2) in the Sector West Lebanon.

The sending off ceremony saw Deputy Defence Minister Dato Paduka Hj Mustappa Hj Sirat handing over the national flag to the head of the RBAF contingent Major Pg Malik Yusri Pg Hj Zaidi.

A Ministry of Defence press statement said the security mission was an opportunity for RBAF to show Brunei’s presence in the UN peacekeeping force.

The Brunei Times