Students to meet Nobel laureates

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SIX Bruneian students are set to listen to talks by Nobel laureates at the Eighth Asian Science Camp in Singapore.

The selected students, before departing for the city-state yesterday, said they hope to be inspired listening to the lectures given by famous scientists.

A Lower Six student from Meragang Sixth Form Centre, Aidi Syahirah Hj Aji, compared attending the science camp to meeting celebrities.

The 17-year-old student said she was honoured to be selected for the science camp and considers it a “precious” experience.

“Not many people can say that they’ve met these famous scientists, but I am lucky because they will be gathering at the science camp,” Aidi Syahirah said.

Aspiring to become a doctor, Aida Syahirah said the science camp presents a good opportunity to learn more about the three sciences.

She looked forward to the lecture by Professor Sydney Brenner, the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine in 2002.

She said, “these scientists are pioneers in their respective fields, and I am really excited that I am able to listen to the current researches first-hand”.

Another student from Tutong Sixth Form Centre is looking forward to learning more from the Nobel laureates.

Abdul Azim Morni said he is excited to meet the scientists, as he admired their determination to conduct research in their respective fields.

The student said he wants to know how they overcame challenges to reach the level of where they are now.

Abdul Azim said he hopes the lectures can motivate him in pursuing his dream of becoming an engineer.

He said his love for Physics is what made him want to become an engineer. “Physics is very difficult and challenging, but it helps me learn about how things work and their usefulness.”

Some of the speakers at the camp include Professor Makoto Kobayashi, 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, and Professor Akira Suzuki, 2010 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.

The Brunei Times