Durian, fruits festival ends today

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VISITORS thronged the Bio Innovation Corridor Zone A (formerly known as the Agrotechnology Park) in Kg Tungku for the ‘Eat All You Can’ durian promotion yesterday at the Durian and Fruits Festival which ends today.

For $7 per head, visitors can enjoy a wide range of local durians like Durian Kuning, Durian Pulu and Durian Putih to name a few.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, a spokesperson from Syarikat Siti Rusidah Hj Sahib who manned one of the stalls offering the promotion said they had to stop by 3.30pm yesterday as they ran out of durians for the day.

“We started from 10 in the morning. The crowd keeps on increasing towards the end of the festival. Now we had to ask the visitors to go to our neighbouring stalls or come back again tomorrow,” the spokesperson said.

He added that they are expecting to bring in more durians today since it is the final day of the festival.

Apart from durians, other locally-grown fruits such as Tarap, Rambutan, Pulasan, Kembayau, Mitus, Manggis (mangosteen) and Nangka (jackfruit) are also available at the festival.

There are stalls selling processed products from fruits such as durian biscuits, Kek batik durian kuning (durian cake), Calak durian and kukus buah (a traditional sweet delicacy) as well.

Organised by the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, the festival is aimed at promoting the local fruit crops and agrifood production and encouraging farmers to be more proactive in improving their yield.

It is also to raise awareness on the different durians and fruits available in Brunei.

The festival has various activities for children such as colouring and drawing competitions and bouncers.

Activities for adults such as cooking competition with fruits and a tasting game of different types of durians are also part of the line up.

The Brunei Times