How to perform the perfect prayer

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IMAMS all over the Sultanate yesterday shared several methods in order for a Muslim to perfect their prayers.

“There are five pillars of Islam, and one of those pillars is to perform the five daily prayers which is a must to all Muslims that have fulfilled the conditions,” said imams.

During the Friday Sermon yesterday, imams said that those who perform their prayers whole heartedly and perfectly would get rewards from Allah (SWT) which includes grace, peace of mind, and ultimately Heaven. Among the methods of perfecting one’s prayers mentioned by the imams was to perform ablution properly and accordingly with its rules.

Another method was to wear clothes that are clean and smart, and not those that would disrupts one’s prayers.

Picking the proper location to perform one’s prayers is also important according to the imams.

“Pick a place to pray that is peaceful, comfortable, and quiet. Alhamdulillah, the mosques around this nation are perfect for us to perform prayers,” said imams.

Congregants were advised to keep the comfort and peacefulness of the mosques by switching off mobile phones before performing prayers and not to talk loudly especially when it comes to worldly matters.

Imams also informed the congregants that when they are praying, they should forget all their worldly problems and issues so that their minds are fully focused on the prayer they are performing. To keep that focus, congregants were also told to reduce random movements while performing their prayers.

“Movements done during the prayers should not be hurried or done quickly but should be performed calmly,” said imams. “We should perform our prayers with full focus, which is to give our hearts to Allah (SWT) when praying. Focus is key when performing prayers because when we are performing prayers, we are facing Allah (SWT).”

The Brunei Times