Thai artist to portray Brunei

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RENOWNED Thailand watercolour artist, Dr Suchart Vongthong, will be showcasing his pieces on Brunei at Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong on Monday, August 18.

In a statement from the Royal Thai Embassy, the Thai artist will be pending a few days around Brunei to first capture the essence of being Brunei, and translate it through his artworks. He arrived in the Sultanate yesterday.

The showcase will mark the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between both countries.

Dr Vongthong received his Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in Fine Arts from Rjabhat Dhonburi University few years back. Noted for his expressive style of painting the Thai artist not only paints but teaches watercolour paintings through various workshops and demonstrations around the world.

His pieces will be exhibited on August 18 to the public at the VIP room (level four) from 7.30pm.

During this exhibition, those interested can expect a workshop from him where he will share his watercolour painting techniques and expertise to art enthusiasts of all ages.

The Brunei Times