Syawal fasting programme at KUPU SB

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THE Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) yesterday held a ceremony to mark the beginning of its first ever six days of fasting during Syawal programme involving members of the institution’s residential college.

Among the objectives of the programme was to encourage participating members of KUPU SB to carry out more sunnah activities of Prophet Muhammad SAW besides performing the obligatory duties.

It is also aimed at fostering closer relationship between members of the university college and to spread amongst them the awareness of developing dakwah (propagation) activities especially in appreciating the coming of Syawal where the six days sunat (non-obligatory) fasting can be performed.

The fasting period for the programme begun yesterday and will continuously be held until this Saturday, with various religious activities such as forums and talks awaiting the participants during their six-day fasting.

In her speech, the Raes of KUPU SB, Ustazah Dr Hjh Masnon Hj Ibrahim shared that among the lessons taught by the sunnah (teachings of Prophet Muhammad pbuh) was to train and teach Muslims that the act of devotion can be done regardless of time and it can be carried out throughout the lifespan of a human being.

“It is also a challenge to Muslims to prevent treating Syawal as a month to merely celebrate our successes for fasting in Ramadhan with festivities consisting food and drinks,” said the KUPU SB Raes.

“Being able to perform the six days fasting as early as we can makes us a person who truly wished to answer the call of Allah SWT to perform our religious duties continuously and consistently,” she added.

She also said that the perfection of one’s act of worship towards Allah SWT is not merely placed upon the main duties which are considered an obligation in Islam.

“For instance is the obligatory five times prayers which will be the first to be evaluated in the Hereafter – if there are any imperfections found, then the sunat prayers we did would be able to patch them up,” she said.

Ustazah Dr Hjh Masnon also expressed the hope that the programme can be extended as an annual activity of the university college with the whole members of the university college participating in it.

The launching ceremony yesterday started with the recital of Asma al Husna (The names of Allah SWT) and surah Al-Fatihah, followed by speeches from the deputy chairperson of the programme and the Raes of KUPU SB as the guest of honour.

Afterwards, the 250 attendees, comprising officers, students and lecturers as well as other members of the university college held a mass recitation of surah Al-Baqarah from verse one to twenty.

The ceremony was then concluded with a thanksgiving prayer read at by the Imam of KUPU SB Surau, Pg Hj Mahmud Pg Hj Othman.

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