Court to consider plea for leniency over drug possession

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A LOCAL man pleaded guilty to trafficking MDMA, a form of the drug ecstasy, and asked the court for leniency to avoid lengthy prison term and whipping.

Teo Boo Min pleaded guilty to two alternative charges at the High Court yesterday almost three years after he was originally charged with various drug offences including trafficking, possession and consumption of syabu, ketamine and ecstasy.

The defence counsel, Roy Prabakan, cited his client’s long wait for trial as part of the reason he decided to plead guilty to lesser charges. Teo has been in custody since he was arrested in 2011.

Prabakan asked the court to consider the minimum sentence of five years’ imprisonment for his client, adding that Teo also had a medical condition that may preclude him from the mandatory caning for drug offences.

Justice Dato Paduka Steven Chong said the court would take into consideration the defendant’s mitigation and set August 20 as the next court date.

The Brunei Times