Businesses reminded to be trustworthy

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BUSINESSES should be guided by Islam and strive to be honest and trustworthy said imams during the Friday sermon yesterday.

“Muslims are encouraged to find rezeki (blessings) through halal means,” said imams nationwide, and doing business is an honest way of seeking rezeki from Allah SWT.

However, imams nationwide cautioned Muslims to ensure their businesses will not lead to sinning and the wrath of Allah SWT.

Imams encouraged businesses to be honest and trustworthy following laws outlined in Islam.

“These qualities are a way to seek blessings from Allah SWT,” the sermon said.

The sermon said knowing the laws and adhering to the obligations in Islam is fardhu ‘ain (obligatory) knowledge for every Muslim business owner to follow.

Imams also shared various syara’ (Islamic Law) which Muslim business owners should adhere to and comply with.

Businesses were reminded not to be dishonest to customers and be truthful when describing their products.

The sermon underscored the importance for business owners to not be deceitful.

The sermon also urged sellers to practice fair pricing when selling their goods and reminded not to deceive consumers into buying something at a higher price.

Business owners are also urged not to bad mouth or talk ill of other businesses to make theirs look better.

When collecting debt from customers, the sermon reminded business owners not to be aggressive or difficult.

If _syara’ _isn’t followed by Muslim business owners, whatever profit they earn is considered tainted said the imams.

The sermon added that those selling perishable items such as fish, fresh prawns, fruits and vegetables should be careful.

“Shoppers should ensure the freshness of the items, so they won’t regret their purchases. While sellers should ensure the freshness of the items,” said the sermon.

Fresh produce should be placed separately from other items. Imams noted that this practice is in line with syara’ since the items should be inspected at the place they are purchased.

The sermon then quoted Surah Az-Zalzalah verse 7-8, which underlined the importance of actions. It translates: “Whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), shall see its consequences. And whoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), shall see its consequences.”


Concluding the weekly address to Muslims, the sermon also shared Surah An-Nur verse 37 which translates: “Neither commerce nor sale should distract men from the remembrance of Allah SWT, perform prayer or give of zakat. They should fear the Day of Judgement where their hearts and eyes shall be turned about. ”

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