Man detained on arson charge for burning car

National 1 minute, 26 seconds


RESIDENTS at the Lumut National Housing Scheme were stirred by sirens late Saturday night as firefighters rushed to extinguish a burning car at one of the homes.

A report from the Fire and Rescue Department’s Fire Prevention Branch showed that an emergency call reporting a car that was on fire at No. 88, Spg 286-141-123, Jln Sumboi-Sumboi at Lumut National Housing Scheme was received at 10.12pm yesterday evening.

A fire engine and two water tank units were dispatched from the Sg Liang Fire Station to the scene along with seven firefighters immediately and the blaze was brought under control in 10 minutes.

The fire was isolated to the car which by then could not be salvaged.

However, the house escaped serious damage, with only minor burn marks on the paint of the car porch roof and soot covering most of the surrounding area.

A report from the Sg Liang Fire Station determined the cause of fire to be arson, committed by an Iban man identified as Nira Santiko anak Libau, who was at the scene of the fire. It is understood that he gave himself up and is currently being detained by the police.

The vehicle, a white Toyota Crown, was believed to be owned by Atiq Libau, the perpetrator's younger brother.

The total damage from the loss of the car is estimated at $2,700.

According to neighbours, Nira’s family used to live in the house but had moved out several months ago, leaving the home to Nira himself.

Although the incident had distressed them, neighbours say the man and his family had never caused any trouble before. Next-door neighbours say that the house was seldom occupied.

A police investigation is under way.

The Brunei Times