Cross border Raya rush back

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AS TODAY marks the first Monday after the arrival of Syawal, the Kuala Lurah immigration post was more than busy yesterday with people rushing home after their weekend getaway.

Malaysians from the neighbouring states brought their Bruneian partners and families across the border to celebrate the festive season and vice versa.

Sophia Hj Dullah, a Banquet Coordinator at Empire Hotel, brought her Bruneian husband and their family back home to Lawas for the weekend.

“We went back to my family’s home in Lawas to celebrate Raya with my family members and also to pay our respect to my late parents” Sophia said.

“We always go home every year, and as it is also fruit season so there was more to enjoy than only the festive season” said Sophia.

''I brought my husband and our family to mainly visit my parents in Limbang, which is where I’m originally from. But we also went back for the fruit season,” Nora said.

“Picking fruits from our plantation is better than buying it, as first of all it is fresh and delicious , and secondly it is definitely cheaper, especially Durians,” added Nora.

In another interview Mazlan Timbang, who works as a mechanic, spent nearly a week celebrating Raya at his wife’s relatives in Limbang, Awat-Awat and Lawas.

“We went to celebrate Raya and ask for forgiveness from relatives; which we always do every year” said Mazlan.

“To be honest, I’m not really a fan of Hari Raya but the wife insisted so I decided it would be a good chance to get a quick holiday before starting work again tomorrow.”

The Brunei Times