Save time, travel via Pandaruan Bridge public advised

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WITH the issue of lack of boats transporting commuters to and fro Temburong and Bandar becoming more pressing since the start of the festive season, the public has been advised to use the Pandaruan Bridge instead.

The Pandaruan Bridge, also known as the “Friendship Bridge” was specifically built to address this purpose, said Bungsu Talib, a shipping superintendent of Shipping Division, Marine Department stressed.

“The bridge will help travellers make better travel plans as they will be able to go and come back in your own time without relying on the availability of the boats at the jetty,” Bungsu said.

Bungsu noted that even though there is a waiting line at the immigration posts, it would not take as long as the waiting time to buy a ticket and board the boats.

“Those going to Temburong, especially those going to celebrate Hari Raya, should use the Friendship Bridge as it would be easier for them to visit multiple places and return according to their plans, as long as it’s before 10pm (when the bridge closes operation).”

In a previous article by The Brunei Times, it was reported the Penghulu of Mukim Bokok Hj Emran Hj Sabtu, said that only half the number of boats are currently in operation due to several problems such as engine failure and lack of fuel.

The Brunei Times also spoke to a government officer who commutes between Temburong and Bandar Seri Begawan daily.

The officer, who declined to be named, said that on normal days the boats are usually quite full.

However because of Hari Raya, the number of travellers has increased.

“Even a week prior to Hari Raya, people have started to go back to their respective villages,” said the government officer.

He added that there used to be boats available every 15 minutes operating as early as 6am. Nowadays, sometimes there would only be one boat every hour.

In another article dated February 3, 2014, commuters lauded the Friendship Bridge for its convenience and the reduction of travel time. An interview in the article suggested that travelling time by land prior to the construction of the bridge could stretch up to five hours, especially during the festive season.

Construction of the Friendship Bridge started in May 2012 and was completed in December last year connecting Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah. The bridge is 189-metre long and 14-metre wide costing approximately $9 million shared between the two nations.

The Brunei Times