Expat man with machete now in police custody

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A 38-YEAR-OLD expatriate man was reportedly found brandishing a machete in front of a bookstore in Gadong. Police later took him into custody for questioning.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) said in a statement that the man was acting suspiciously in the parking area in front of the Gadong Properties Building at around 9.25am.

The Brunei Times interviewed a witness, a staff at Bismi Sdn Bhd Md Nasri Ahmad, who said that as soon as he heard the commotion, he dashed outside the bookstore and saw the man stomping on an unknown book.

“It was like he was dancing around the book with a machete in hand and chanting something which I couldn’t make out.”

RBPF said their team quickly arrived at the scene but by the time they got there, the suspect had already fled the area.

They said they later nabbed the suspect and he is kept in custody for further questioning.

RBPF said the case is investigated under Section 29 (1) under the Public Order Act Chapter 148 for the use of dangerous equipment in a public area. If found guilty, the suspect could be imprisoned for at least a year or a maximum of 10 years with no less than three strikes of the cane.

Police are advising the public to call law enforcers immediately instead of approaching a person who is brandishing a weapon in public. Anyone who witnesses a similar situation must avoid agitating the perpetrator as this could endanger the public.

Families should also keep a close eye on other family members that have the capacity to endanger themselves and the public, by informing the authorities.

RBPF asks those who witnessed the scene yesterday to contact Inspector Khairul Anuar Hj Ahmad at 2242334 or 2242336 to lend a hand in the investigation.

The Brunei Times