Slight haze may mar Aidil Fitri

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BRUNEI is expected to celebrate the first three days of Aidil Fitri with a slight haze and isolated showers, said the duty forecaster at the Meteorological Department.

In a phone interview with The Brunei Times, the duty forecaster predicted hazy conditions until July 30 due to the bush fires that broke out in Miri last Friday.

The Borneo Post reported that the fire destroyed 1,000 hectares of brush.

Malaysian Assistant Minister of Communications was quoted as saying that there are still a few hotspots detected in Kuala Baram as burning continued under the peat soil. Additionally, wind blowing from the west and southwest could have contributed to the hazy conditions.

The department yesterday issued a yellow warning, which was strong gusts of up to 50 km per hour during crossing of showers that affected Brunei-Muara and Tutong districts.

The warning, however, expired at 5.15pm yesterday as the condition only lasted until late afternoon.

Members of the public are also encouraged to download the Brunei WX app on their smartphones from Google Play or AppStore to get the latest weather information.

In addition, the public would also receive bad weather alerts such as strong winds and flash floods, for them to take extra precautions. The public are advised to be extra careful on the road during rainy days.

The Brunei Times