Muslims perform their zakat obligations

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THE last few days of Ramadhan continue to be the most popular period for Muslims to make their zakat fitrah (tithe) payments.

Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque amil (zakat collector), Mudim Hj Suhaili Hj Kalong noted this in an interview with The Brunei Times.

“After payday, I think most people want to pay their bills first,” he said.

“But once cleared, people flock in and kept us busy but it was a great sight to see!”

The amil pointed out that the Sultanate’s iconic mosque was popular for zakat destination due to plentiful parking, strategic location in between commercial centres and amil are always present.

“There are seven amil posted here and if anyone needs a break, another covers – never empty!”

However the mosques away from the capital observed a different trend.

An imam from Setia Ali Mosque in Muara, Pg Hj Rusman Pg Hj Shahbudin, said he noticed more people paying their zakat after the payday but not as many as the previous years.

“I think people now know better to pay their zakat early,” he said.

“Perhaps, in previous years, they (rushed to pay in time) so now want to make amends to pay earlier.”

“We, Muslims, are recommended to pay early anyway because in Islam, it’s regarded as harus (recommended in Islam).”

Batu Marang Mosque Imam Muhammad Sharine Hadiman Sahari, said the village residents preferred to pay in the first week of Ramadhan to avoid the last minute rush.

The imam also touched on several foreign nationalities, especially Indonesians, coming in to the mosques to make their _zakat _payments.

“It’s wonderful because we as _amil _would receive _zakat _from anyone,” he said.

“Some of the foreigners are working at the Muara Port, so they took the opportunity to commit to their Islamic duty,” he added.

Meanwhile Mudim Hj Suhaili shared that patience was a virtue in undertaking responsibility as an amil.

“In previous years, we had a case, even with plenty of amil, there were so many people and this one person who missed it even called me at night to let out his anger.”

“I explained, even when we work for hours and do our best, there are times when there are just too many people especially towards the end of Ramadhan.”

“_Alhamdulillah _he apologised and admitted that he should’ve paid earlier.”

The _amil _however was unfazed by the call because he said this shows how keen Muslims were to perform one of Islam’s pillars.

“It’s heartwarming to see even when everyone is busy shopping for Hari Raya, most Muslims have not forgotten their obligation to Allah SWT.”

Ministry of Religious Affairs this year appointed to 286 _amil _to mosques nationwide.

The Brunei Times